Theme your Dinner Party

We have had some amazing dinner parties take place – some of them have been small gatherings while others have been extravagant dinners.

But whether ‘dinner party’ for you means a three course meal, BBQ, cocktails and canapés, or simply nipping out to grab some nice takeaway, it is fantastic to know we are all dining together in the fight to end MS.

Why not provide your guests with an added experience, and add a theme to your Big Dinner Party?

Be creative as you like and remember to have fun with it!

Check out our exciting ideas for a taste of inspiration.

  • High Tea
  • Seafood Dinner Party
  • Asian Feast
  • Garden Party
  • Takeout Pizza Party
  • Costume Party
  • Dessert Party
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Vegetarian Buffet Dinner Party
  • European Fiesta
  • House Party
  • Champagne Breakfast
  • Murder Mystery Party
  • 80′s Dinner Party
  • Black or White Party

Big Dinner Party is an initiative of MS Queensland